Customer Support

We're here to help and answering any additional questions that you may have is just one of the cornerstones of that promise. The best way to reach us is through our simple form submission and or the contact email below. We're also available via phone at the contact number listed, Mon - Fri from 9am - 5pm ET. If we don't pick up, that's because we're all still trying figure out, how in the world did we make our sheets so soft! ;) So please leave a message and we'll get back in touch!

Wholesale Considerations

We love that you're considering making Prosper Heights a part of your wholesale journey. If you're a business truly intersted in acquiring our products for your catalogue, then you've reached the right place. To help make this as seamless as possible, we've launched our wholesale market on Handshake, a Shopify native solution to get you on your way. Just click below to navigate to the wholesale market. #TheProsperousWay!