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Prosper Heights listed as one of six best luxury hotel design ideas for your home.
Prosper Heights voted by Cosmopolitan as one of the best bamboo sheets for 2021

"Prosper Heights not only offers organic bamboo linens but also enables customers to enjoy the feeling of a luxury hotel experience at home."

Joanne Shurvell - Forbes

Stack of 100% organic bamboo sheets in the color white, green, blue, sand, and grey
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Crafted with Bamboo fibers that are silky to the touch
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Set of 100% organic bamboo sheets in the color Grey
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Voted As One of The Best Bamboo Sheets by Cosmopolitan
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Our 100% Organic Bamboo sheets undergoe a unique process to build their structure. We take our bamboo products through a reduction phase crushing it to its core. With the epitome of supreme softness in mind, we dissolve the heart of our product in a non-toxic solvent and create the extracted fiber using a proprietary closed loop system, all while saving 98% of the water! This is where we're able to spin it into an effective yarn serving as a launch point of quality for our products

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Enjoy the taste of luxury with some of the finest quality bamboo products that you can buy online. Our top-quality bamboo sheets and bedding sets are among the most well-made, well-designed options on the market, and they're within your reach too! Made of organic bamboo, our sheets are very comfortable and tend to offer a cooling effect as you settle into bed. No matter what the weather is like, your bamboo bedding will keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep peacefully for hours on end. 

There's nothing quite like a good night's sleep in your favorite organic bamboo sheets!


What makes organic bamboo sheets superior to regular bedding? Well, for one, it's incredibly soft yet durable, and with the right care, they'll last you for years to come. Washing bamboo sheets is easy—just use cold water and run a gentle cycle, keeping them separate from your other laundry. A little care goes a long way when you're buying bamboo bedding!

Shop for Oekotex certified bedding online and invest in the best sleep of your life thanks to our bamboo products!