Organic Bamboo Sheets

Your new bamboo sheets are a welcomed addition to your new home and how you care for them will only help add to the warmth they bring to your heart. Take a look at how your fabric is compiled below as well as some care tips.


Our bamboo sheets are Oeko-tex certified, and being such is not just a marketing term; it's an intentional walk down the organic path, where we proudly dispel harmful chemicals from our manufacturing process.

We consider the entirety of your health and sleep management system; by utilizing bamboo that's naturally hypoallergenic, repelling pesky dust mites, and mildew are just a few of our superpowers!

The natural fibers of bamboo are designed and manufactured for supreme comfort, allowing an increase in air flow and extreme breathability, to help soothe the skin.

To top things off, we're in lock step with the beauty of creation, and infusing our products with non-animal derived materials, to help complete your holistic mind, body, and soul experience.

Bamboo Sheet Care Tips

We've included some great care tips within our FAQ section to further increase the longevity of your investment. But here are a few of our best tips to get you started.

*Wash in cold water

Consider washing your sheets separately

Avoid washing your sheets with towels or blankets to provide a thorough cleaning experience.

Use a mild biodegradable detergent

For drying, tumble dry low or air dry. Additionally, you can line dry as well.

Avoid bleach which can typically weaken the structure of the bamboo fibers due to the tougher cleaning agents.

To ensure your moisture wicking properties stay intact, avoid the additives of fabric softeners.

For white sheets: To aid in whitening; consider soaking the item in a combination of warm water and oxygenated detergents, followed by a gentle wash cycle and dryer option of your choice.