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Why Bamboo Fabric is the Best Cooling Bedding

It is natural for human beings to experience a change in temperature while they sleep. This temperature change makes the person sweat uncontrollably and may disrupt sleep. Some people even experience excessive sweating that may drench their clothes and the bed. While sweating in excess may be a health condition and require medical treatment, many issues of feeling hot while sleeping can be fixed with bamboo sheets.


Feeling Hot and Night Sweats

When we talk about heat-related insomnias, people come up with solutions to how our excessive eating habits or our work or academic stress make us sweat gallons during bedtime. Then comes the wide arrange of peculiar solutions of how an ice pack at the back of our necks would somehow put us to sleep—as if there wasn't enough moisture around to annoy us in the first place.

Almost every solution is about our health routines and none about the bed that we're sleeping in. We take the bed for granted and never really wonder if it's what our body requires.

Yes, many sleep disorders can be rooted in the quality of a person's bedding and the environment they're sleeping in. Most of our beds (the entirety of it) are made up of cotton, be it the sheets, the mattress, the pillowcases and whatnot.

We often forget that there are other more breathable, softer, and cooler materials out there that can help our bodies stay cool for a long slumber night. And one of those materials is none other than bamboo bedding.


Bamboo Fabric Sheets

Several people in the world require a cool, antibacterial bed sheet that may prevent their naturally occurring itches and scratches during their sleep at night. This happens because the sweating a person goes through accumulates on the body, turning into a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bamboo bed sheets are the perfect choice for people that require a warm and cozy sheet that can absorb all their sweating and keep them cool all night.

Organic bamboo sheets are made up of fibers extracted from real bamboo plants. The incredible cooling bamboo sheets can absorb moisture away from the body and allow air circulation to penetrate through the skin to keep the body fresh.

There are several reasons why Bamboo is the best cooling bedding among the rest. We've listed some of the reasons below:


Absorbs Moisture

Bamboo sheets are 40 times more absorbent than the finest cotton-made sheets. They're instrumental in moisture-wicking to prevent bacteria from building up.


Supports Air Circulation

Bamboo sheets are soft and lightweight and allow the perfect flow of fresh air around your body while you snooze.



This means the fabric's resistance to bacteria and other kinds of allergies, including dust mites.

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