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How Your Bedding Can Improve Your Mood?

Have you ever noticed the bedsheets in most hotels are white? This isn't just a coincidence; there's science behind it! According to scientific research, white is known to soothe our mood and help us feel more relaxed. However, the effect of your organic bedding on your mood and health isn't just based on the color; other bedding factors can also improve your mood.

We discuss how bedding can improve your mood and your sleep!


1. Choosing the Right Color

Like we mentioned above, the color of your bedding directly impacts your mood and can also affect your sleep quality. Moreover, it can also affect your physical health and make you feel more cozy and calm. Here are some commonly available bedding colors and their impact.


Light Blue Hues

Well, this definitely is our favorite color on the list! According to interior designers, sky blue and light blue are considered sleep-friendly. Blue bedding promotes a good night's sleep, and many sleep therapists recommend people with sleep disorders switch to blue bedding. Blue bedding can also reduce stress and soothe your mind.


Light Violet

Violet-colored bedding is perfect for people who suffer from anxiety. This color calms down anxiety and slows down muscle responses. Moreover, it also helps a person be more creative.


Shades of Green

Various shades of green in bedding have a stress-relieving impact on the human mind. Many spiritual healers recommend using green bedding to reduce muscle pain. Sleeping on dark green bedding freshens you and boosts energy, while light green makes the room environment more peaceful.


Bright Yellow

Even though bright yellow doesn't calm your mood, but it can make you more cheerful. According to health experts, yellow bedding can reduce depression and make you happier, more spontaneous, and creative.


2. Bed Sheet Quality

Most people give too much attention to bedding colors and patterns and ignore their quality. However, bedsheets' fabric and texture can impact your mood. Sleeping on rough bed sheets will keep you uncomfortable throughout the night, negatively impacting your mood. An example of this is polyester sheets that are scratchy and stiff. On the other hand, sleeping on soft bamboo sheets will help you sleep better and boost your mood the next morning.


3. Organic vs. Synthetic Bedding

The material of your bedding also has an impact on your mood. Sleeping on synthetic bedding can be uncomfortable and can often trigger skin or breathing allergies, negatively impacting your sleep experience. However, organic bamboo bedding is free from harsh chemicals and is gentle and incredibly soft. Bamboo sheets will help you fall asleep in the blink of an eye!


 Person sleeping on bamboo bed sheets


To improve your mood, you need to ensure that you're only opting for top-quality bamboo bed sheets. At Prosper Heights, we have luxury bamboo sheets in various shades that can positively impact your mood, reduce stress, and set the ambiance for calm sleep.

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