How to wash bamboo sheets

How to wash bamboo sheets


Congratulations! You've made a fantastic leap into the world of owning your first set of bamboo sheets! And well, if you haven't, you could always check out an excellent collection of our 100% organic bamboo sheets!

But that's all fair and well, the reason you've clicked on this link is thought remains; how in the world do I care for such a delicate bedroom treat. Well, we have that answer for you right here with us. Keep reading to get the tips from the pros and learn precisely how to care for your new precious cargo! We've also included a quick snippet of these care tips within our FAQ section to further increase your investment's longevity. But here's the rundown to get you started.

The Infamous Wash Cycle

Let's start with the most critical aspect of all, the wash. Really without getting this step right, things could go downhill quickly in the care for your bamboo sheets. Consider our five-point system to help lock this in your treasure chest!

  • It's imperative always to wash your organic bamboo sheets in cold water, helping avoid the inevitable shrinkage that could occur should your bamboo sheets succumb to hot water. A great way to remember this is to use our *letter ladder. The alphabet "C" for "Cold…is the closet to "B" ;)
  • Consider washing your sheets separately. Added fabrics and materials inside the wash drum could be abrasive to the softness of the bamboo material.
  • While sheets, towels, and blankets seem like a match made in heaven for a dedicated wash, bamboo is a unique material that deserves its own dedicated wash category.  
  • When selecting a washing detergent to provide your sheets' cleaning effect, use a mild biodegradable detergent variant to minimize abrasion further.
  • Lastly, while it may seem counterintuitive, we recommend avoiding bleach as it's jam-packed with harsh chemicals that can weaken the fabric. Additionally, you can altogether forego fabric softener because there's no way to get organic bamboo sheets softer anyways! ;)
A great way to remember this is to use our *letter ladder.
- M. Forbes

The Drying Phase

Now that we've established our washing stance, let's pivot to the other phase, which is equally important.

  • In a perfect world, we recommend adhering to the principles of line drying, allowing your sheets to layout in the world's natural air and receive the breeze from mother nature. But we also understand that prying eyes may make you the envy of the neighborhood ;)
  • If that's indeed the case and a dryer must be used, we recommend utilizing a tumble low dry setting to minimize the amount of heat introduced to the fabric.

Keepsake Storage

If you're wondering where to rest your bamboo sheets when they're not occupying your bed, then we've done all the hard work for you. As a part of your "Prosperous Experience," your newly acquired bamboo sheets from Prosper Heights comes with a prosperity enclosure made from the same organic fabrics to store your sheets while not in use. Now you can pair that thought with our exclusive discounts to make the experience that much better. Yep, that's just how we do. ;)

Written by M. Forbes

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