A piece of bamboo linen

Fact or Fad: Is Bamboo Durable?

The bamboo plant's benefits are known all around the world. More recently, bamboo has been used as a fabric to produce towels, bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. We all know that bamboo fabric is soft, sustainable, hypoallergenic, strong, and antimicrobial, but what most people wonder is if bamboo fabric is also durable?

The durability of bamboo depends upon the way it's processed.  This is why it’s important to look for manufacturers and producers that are transparent about their production processes. This ensures that the bamboo products you’re buying are actually sustainable and were produced with the least amount of environmental impact.

This blog will discuss the durability of bamboo by shedding some light on its production process.


Bamboo Production: The Mechanical Process

Although this method is dying, some manufacturers still use it. During this process, the bamboo plant is crushed mechanically, combining it with a bacterial dissolution to produce cellulose fibers that can be spun to form cloth.

The hardest part of the bamboo plant is crushed during this process, followed by the introduction of a natural enzyme in the washing phase. This is where the plant is broken down further to extract the bamboo fiber.

Finally, the fiber is spun and woven into yarn or cloth. The bamboo fabric produced during this process is often referred to as bamboo linen.  


Bamboo Production: The Chemical Process

This is a more popular method used by most manufacturers nowadays. This chemical process produces bamboo rayon, which is different from bamboo linen. This method is faster to break down the bamboo plant; however, the use of chemicals can be a little questionable.  

Nevertheless, the process has undergone various improvements and has reduced its environmental impact to a large extent. In this process, the bamboo plant undergoes a reduction phase where the core is crushed and then mixed with a non-toxic solvent. This is often referred to as a close loop system where the water used is not wasted or dumped.

This way, about 98 percent of water can be saved. Plus, the chemicals can also be reused.

A piece of bamboo linen


Bamboo fiber’s durability depends upon its production process. The fewer chemicals used during the production process, the more the bamboo product will retain its natural strength and durability.


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